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People only respect that which is too abstract to grasp easily. Use the exact same punctuation glyphs in your BNF notation that you use in the command language itself, so the reader can never tell if a Unfortunately, most skilled maintenance engineers will have learnt by now that hex coded colour values are easy to decode, e.

Never never put a comment on a variable. For example, suppose you have global variables A and B, and functions foo and bar. Similarly use n as a loop index.

If your supervisors complain, tell them that Java interfaces force you to "cut-and-paste" code between different classes that implement the same interface the same way, and they know how hard that would be to maintain. If your supervisors complain, tell them that Java interfaces force you to "cut-and-paste" code between different classes that implement the same interface the same way, and they know how hard that would be to maintain.

Exceptions are a pain in the behind. Never explain the syntax by providing a suite of annotated sample valid and invalid commands. The ultimate technique is to create as many variable names as possible that differ subtlely from each other only in case.

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If the boss asks if you are out of your mind, tell him you are following the classic principles of transparent interfaces. You acknowledge and agree that it is your responsibility to keep secure and confidential any passwords that we issue to you and your authorized employees and not to let such password s become public knowledge.

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Reuse Names Wherever the rules of the language permit, give classes, constructors, methods, member variables, parameters and local variables the same names.

I think it was Oscar Wilde who observed that positions 47 and of the Kama Sutra were the same except in the woman had her fingers crossed. Take Agile to the next level with DevOps. If we look at this logically, then any fool can recognise that testing does not even attempt to solve a technical problem, rather, this is a problem of emotional confidence.

Always violate the Hungarian principle that the most commonly used variables should carry the least extra information around with them.

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EsperantoKlingon and Hobbitese qualify as languages for these purposes. Because there are so many different ways to abbreviate a word, with abbreviations, you can have several different variables that all have the same apparent purpose.

Much of the skill in writing unmaintainable code is the art of naming variables and methods.

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They don’t matter at all to the compiler. That gives you huge latitude to use them to befuddle the maintenance programmer.

This is supposed to help you tell them apart from methods, so long as you forget that method also starts with the letter m.

How to Write Unmaintainable Code

We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Unmaintainable code essay help. Posted on November 11, Problems facing our society today essay writing gobekli tepe essay sociology education essay, on finding things essay writing article 49 3 dissertation writing, quantitative forschungsprozess beispiel essay pecola breedlove essay.

Unmaintainable code essay help

Writing Unmaintainable Code. October 17, This week we thought we ’ d introduce you to a great essay titled, "How to Write Unmaintainable Code." It will provide you with some weekend reading and should make you think hard about your own development style.

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Unmaintainable code essay help
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